Season 5B is promising to be an exciting continuation of the hit MTV series, “Teen Wolf.” Latest updates from the series’ showrunner Jeff Davis indicated that a new shapeshifter will join the “Teen Wolf” family.

Tyler Posey’s Scott McCall in “Teen Wolf” and other beloved characters are set to meet Skinwalkers in season 5B, Teen Wolf News reported. The Skinwalkers addition to the MTV hit series was confirmed by “Teen Wolf” Executive Producer Jeff Davis. The series’ showrunner told Teen Wolf News that actress Arden Cho’s Kira Yukimura and her mother will encounter the new shapeshifter, which is a creature from Native American lore.

In North America, Skinwalkers came from actual legends from the Navajo people or tribe, Teen Wolf News stated. According to local stories, these legendary beings can transform themselves into animals. Apart from that, Skinwalkers are said to possess the ability to steal the identities of other people. Davis even shared with Teen Wolf News that they partnered with a Navajo consultant in order to bring the Native American legend to life.

He also teased that “Teen Wolf” characters Kira and her mother will have their first encounter with the Skinwalkers during their journey to find something that will help fix her fox spirit’s attitude problem. Davis also mentioned their quest will have them travelling to another state. “The scenes take place out at Shiprock in New Mexico,” he explained. According to Teen Wolf News, the production team used the Vasquez Rock formation in Los Angeles as the scene’s filming location. The production team is set to use CGI and other special effects to turn it into a New Mexico setting.

Apart from the Skinwalkers, the “Teen Wolf” family will face the Dread Doctors in season 5B, along with a new bad guy named the “Beast.” In a previous interview, Posey described the new creature as “ominous” and “scary.” The “Teen Wolf” star also revealed that his character in the upcoming season will be stronger, both physically and mentally.

Meanwhile, “Teen Wolf” season 5B is set to return to the small screen at a new timeslot. Instead of its usual Monday night screening in the US, the upcoming season of the MTV series will be shown on Tuesday nights.

“Teen Wolf” season 5B will premiere on January 5 at 9 p.m. in the US.

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