The latest “Teen Wolf” trailer teased some really bad things happening to Tyler Posey’s Scott McCall and other beloved characters. Apart from these exciting scenes, the video also showed the return of an Argent to the series.

The clip released by MTV showed some of the baddies that Posey’s character and other “Teen Wolf” cast will be facing in season 5B. One of the interesting snaps showed the return of Gerard Argent, played by Michael Logan. Apart from Gerard, another Argent returning to the series is beast hunter JR Bourne’s Chris Argent.

Apart from the Dread Doctors, Posey’s character will also be facing new threats in “Teen Wolf” season 5B. The latest trailer showed an interesting peek at The Beast who looked enormous and scary with the glowing eyes. The Beast is a monstrous threat which would force Scott to partner with Theo, played by Cody Christian, in order to keep the pack safe. This would be a challenge for Posey’s character, according to TV Guide, since Theo previously tried to kill Scott.

The Beast was first teased by Posey, along with “Teen Wolf” co-stars Christian and Dylan Sprayberry in an interview with Entertainment Weekly in October. Posey commented that The Beast is an “ominous” and “scary” character. However, he didn’t disclose other details about the new bad character in “Teen Wolf” season 5B.

“Teen Wolf” season 5B is not only re-introducing characters such as the Argents back into the series, it also adding new shapeshifters to the show. The latest shapeshifters called Skinwalkers are based on an old Native American lore. Actual legends from the Navajo people indicated that Skinwalkers can change into animals. These shapeshifters can also steal the identities of other people. This ability and how it plays into the storyline of season 5B will be an interesting addition to the hit MTV series.

“Teen Wolf” season 5B will premiere in the U.S. on January 5 at 9 p.m.

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