Tyler Posey
American actor Tyler Posey arrives at the MuchMusic Video Awards (MMVAs) in Toronto, June 21, 2015. Reuters/Mark Blinch

One of the highly anticipated new creatures set to appear in “Teen Wolf” Season 5B is “The Beast.” A recent interview with the series’ showrunner revealed that the mystery behind the big bad creature would be one of the focal points in this season’s story.

The upcoming appearance of “The Beast” was hinted in a painting uncovered by the Dread Doctors at the end of “Teen Wolf” Season 5A. The villain’s appearance was also shown in “Teen Wolf” Season 5B’s trailer, which was released prior the midseason premiere’s episode which aired in the US on Tuesday, Jan. 5. The video trailer shows a massive black creature with glowing white eyes and sharp teeth. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Jeff Davis shared that “The Beast” was a creature “formed by shadows.”

“The chimera that’s inside it is sort of surrounded by it,” Davis added. “The person — we don’t know whether it’s a he or she yet — doesn’t necessarily transform like Bruce Banner transforms into the Hulk. It’s actually more just shadows and darkness take shape around that person.”

He also revealed that “Teen Wolf” Season 5B’s new big bad villain has a huge mystery surrounding it. In fact, uncovering who the chimera or character behind “The Beast” would be one of the major storylines in the current season of the hit MTV series. "Figuring out who is the Beast is a major mystery of the season,” Davis told Entertainment Weekly.

In "Teen Wolf" Season 5B, Tyler Posey’s Scott McCall, along with other beloved characters, would have to face a lot of challenges and villains such as the Dread Doctors and Theo (Cody Christian). However, Posey revealed in a previous interview that “The Beast” would be the real enemy in the MTV series’ new season. He even described the creature as the season's "scariest antagonist." Posey also shared that “Teen Wolf” fans will see a darker Scott in Season 5B.

The next episode of “Teen Wolf” Season 5B titled “Damnatio Memoriae” will air in the US on Tuesday at 9/8c on MTV.