Taylor Swift graces the cover of the upcoming November issue of Vogue Australia, which will hit newsstands and bookstores soon. In an exclusive interview with the magazine, she also gives readers an insight into her career and how she’s handling the fandom and fame that comes with being one of the world's biggest pop superstars.

The singer and composer was dressed in a blue Schiaparelli haute couture dress and looked barely recognisable with her “bronde” hair and fringe, as described by Yahoo News.

Calvin Harris’ beau also revealed how humbled she was by the success she is experiencing, revealing that she is definitely not taking her success for granted.

“The public could change their minds about me tomorrow. Things are good right now but I’m never going to be stupid, foolish or ignorant enough to think that I have control over the public. All I can control is making good music,” Swift revealed in the Vogue interview. “I am so lucky that people seem to like me right now but in no way, shape or form, is that a permanent thing. I think being aware of that is what keeps you on the game.”

Meanwhile, Swift has already set plans for this year’s Thanksgiving. She wants to spend it with Calvin Harris and her family. The "Bad Blood" singer is planning to spend Thanksgiving in her hometown in Nashville with Harris in tow, UK News reported. “She wants to show Calvin what a real American Thanksgiving is like in Nashville, and it’ll be a big family gathering with lots of games being played,” a source said.

“Calvin can’t wait because he’s never really experienced a proper Thanksgiving like that before,” the insider revealed.

The Grammy winner is hitting Australia this coming December for her 1989 tour, making the Vogue Australia cover a perfect fire starter for her upcoming concert shows.

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