A poster of "Suits" TV series. Facebook/ Suits

New promos of “Suits” season 8 have been released online. The videos shows the conflict between Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce) and Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht). There will also be a lot of sexual tension among the characters, and the hilarious, quirky fun that the TV series is famous for.

A new promo posted on People, shows Robert and Harvey arguing about who gets control of the firm. Robert joined the firm in the last season, and he was clear that he wanted to be the managing partner and he also wanted his name first in the name of the firm.

Harvey will fight Robert, and the preview clip shows him trying to protect what he considers his turf. Harvey has worked long and hard to reach the position he is in now, and he will not let someone else just swoop in and take it from him. Robert on the other hand sees this as a simple business transaction that has already been completed. Given his track record and reputation, Robert feels it is only natural for him to be the face of the new firm.

Another new promo posted on YouTube shows the troubles with Louis (Rick Hoffman). The quirky lawyer may feel left out in the fight between Harvey and Robert, and he will not like that one bit. Louis has been fighting for respect his whole life, and he will make sure that the other partners recognise his worth to the firm.

The other partner of the firm Alex Williams (Dulé Hill) will also feel unappreciated in the next season. The promo shows him having an argument with Harvey about how good he is. The turmoil in the firm will be enough for Robert to wonder what he’s gotten himself into.

Apart from all the serious drama, there will be some fun moments on the show as well. The promo shows the sexual tension that Louis will be forced to endure in the next season.