A poster of "Suits" TV series. Facebook/ Suits

Mike (Patrick J. Adams) and Harvey (Gabriel Macht) are on a collision course in “Suits” season 7 episode 7. A preview video of the next episode has been released online, teasing some of the scenes. The following article contains spoilers based on the trailer.

Harvey is working on a secret plan, but he won’t let Mike in on it. The two lawyers are on opposing grounds, and their conflict may lead them to face each other in court eventually.

Mike seems to have found his true calling. Helping people in need and fighting for justice have given him a sense of contentment, which he may not be ready to lose for money. Harvey, on the other hand, is the managing partner of Pearson Specer Litt, and his prime responsibility is to make sure the company stays afloat; that means dropping a genuine case that may hurt a rich client.

The new lawyer Alex Williams (Dulé Hill), whose client is the one causing all the friction, is aware of Harvey’s plans. The former wants to tell Mike, but the managing partner doesn’t want that.

Mike’s loyalty will be questioned by Harvey in the next episode. There is good reason for this as the prisons case isn’t going anywhere yet.

Rachel (Meghan Markle) is concerned that Harvey will fire her fiancée, but Mike is not bothered about an outcome. He’s ready to take the next step, as promised, and get the case reopened in criminal court. The young lawyer is ready to lose his highly lucrative job over this case.

The main plot of “Suits” season 7 appears to be building up to a confrontation between Mike and Harvey. Both are right in their own way, and it may be difficult for fans to choose who to root for.

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