A picture of Aidan Turner as Ross [left] and Eleanor Tomlinson as Demelza [right] from the TV series "Poldark." Facebook/ Poldark

The Black Moon will continue to cast its shadow in “Poldark” season 4. Josh Whitehouse, who was part of the cast who recently read the script of the first few episodes, has teased that there will be “tragedy” next season. The actor has not given away spoilers, but offered minor teasers about the show from what he has read so far.

In a brief video posted on YouTube, Whitehouse (Hugh Armitage) talked about the show’s popularity and what to expect next. Whitehouse said he felt “relieved” after seeing fans appreciate his performance on the show. The actor was one of the newcomers in the second season playing a very important role.

The actor said he was expecting “backlash” from fans because his character comes between their favourite on-screen couple Ross (Aidan Turner) and Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson). Whitehouse is happy with the positive response from the fanbase, and being accepted by the “Poldark” community.

The main aim of Whitehouse was to put his character’s point of view for the audience, then make viewers understand where Hugh was coming from. The actor was hoping to make the audience see the love triangle from his character’s perspective as well.

Whitehouse also praised everyone involved in the show, particularly his fellow cast members for portraying their characters perfectly. He also complimented the writers for delivering well-written scripts.

Talking about the story, Whitehouse has read the first three episodes of next season. The actor said the show will continue to have the same tone as before, with a continuation of “tragedy” and “heart-string pulling.”

“... so it’s gonna rip you open and tear you apart in every way, shape possible, and in the best way possible too I should hope,” he said.