A picture of Aidan Turner as Ross [left] and Eleanor Tomlinson as Demelza [right] from the TV series "Poldark." Facebook/ Poldark

Production work for “Poldark” season 4 has officially begun. The cast members have joined the production team for a script read-through. Meanwhile, writer Debbie Horsfield has teased details about what to expect on the show.

The script read-through was announced online, and cast members Heida Reed (Elizabeth Warleggan) and Beatie Edney (Prudie) confirmed their participation. A 360 degree video from the room where the script was read has been posted online. Given that there were a lot of people gathered there, it is difficult to make out the faces of the cast members.

What will the plot of next season be about? The show already teased what to expect, and Horsfield has now confirmed in an interview with Digital Spy that the show will focus on the consequences of the events in season 3. The following portion of the article contains minor spoilers.

As far as the relationship between Ross (Aidan Turner) and Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) are concerned, things don’t seem to go well for the couple. Horsfield pointed out that the previous season ended with Demelza cheating on her husband, and the couple not knowing exactly where their relationship stands.

The consequences of Demelza’s affair will be explored. The writer promised that fans will better understand why exactly Demelza cheated on her husband.

The other big aspect of the plot is Ross entering politics. He decided to run for parliament towards the end of last season, and that puts him against George Warleggan (Jack Farthing) yet again.

Since the interesting relationship of George and Ross is an important element in the books on which the show is based on, Horsfield said this aspect isn’t going away anytime soon either.

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