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Bratton Gould is out to get revenge in “Suits” season 7 episode 4. The preview video of the episode reveals the firm is strong enough to threaten Pearson Specter Litt. But Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and Mike (Patrick J. Adams) don’t respond well to intimidation and bullying. The following article contains spoilers.

Alex Williams (Dule Hill) was working at Bratton Gould before Harvey brought him in to help run his firm and grow the business with new clients. Pearson Specter Litt will have to face a lawsuit for an unrelated matter, but this is a clear intimidation tactic and revenge for poaching a lawyer.

The preview video of next episode (see below) shows Mike laying the cards on the table, telling the judge the exact nature of the lawsuit. Harvey will be fighting this case personally in court, and the Managing Partner will also visit his rival with Louis (Rick Hoffman) to help find a solution to the problem.

Bratton Gould’s new case is apparently an attempt to “divide and conquer.” According to the synopsis of the episode, Harvey, Louis and Donna (Sarah Rafferty) will have to get on the same page to avoid a crisis. Alex feels they have to cave in and give his former firm what they want, but the Specter Litt would rather find a way to beat the man, causing all these problems.

Meanwhile, Mike and Rachel (Meghan Markle) have to plan their wedding. The only problem is that with all that is going on at the firm, they don’t have time to make proper arrangements together.

The preview video also teases an intense exchange between Donna and Rachel. The two characters are struggling in their respective new positions. They will have to learn quickly to bring some stability in the lives of the employees of Pearson Specter Litt.

Credit: SuitsonUSA/ YouTube