A poster of "Suits" TV series. Facebook/ Suits

The next episode of “Suits” season 6 will air on Jan. 25. The characters on the show have a new set of challenges they have to face. Harvey’s biggest challenge is to save the firm, and work with his colleagues.

[Spoiler alert]

Harvey (Gabriel Macht) was able to repair his reputation after William Sutter (Alan Rosenberg) told all the clients of the firm about how he was set-up by his own lawyer. A scene showing the interaction between the two characters has been posted online to show the fans how good Harvey is. Now, the challenge for him, the post says, is to fix the firm’s reputation.

Credit: Twitter/ Suits

With Jessica (Gina Torres) gone, the firm is now in the hands of Harvey and Louis (Rick Hoffman). Will the two characters find a way to work with each other, or will a power struggle ensue?

The relationships at the firm are complicated, especially when it comes to Louis. Another video posted on the official Twitter page of “Suits” shows the ups and downs in the relationship of Louis and Donna (Sarah Rafferty).

Credit: Twitter/ Suits

While there are challenges to deal with, there are also possibilities of new and interesting storylines. Donna and Harvey were last seen holding hands at the office. The writers may now focus more on a romantic angle to this relationship.

The other big on screen romance is between Mike (Patrick J. Adams) and Rachel (Meghan Markle). The two characters are finally in a position to get hitched. Professionally, there could be a bit of role reversal for the two characters, as Rachel works as a lawyer, and Mike may be doing the behind-the-scenes research for each case.

A big part of the next few episodes of “Suits” season 6 could focus on Mike’s decision on his career. Will the former lawyer continue to work in the same firm with a new designation or will he choose a new path for himself?