Street Fighter V
Each of the characters in "Street Fighter V" will get a character story illustrated by Japanese artist Bengus. PlayStation Blog

“Street Fighter V” developer Capcom is looking at more than just the additional characters that will come to the game. It appears that the developer has been keeping a close watch on the players of the online mode, and has been seeing a trend that it has decided to fix at the get-go.

In the latest blog update from Capcom, the developer has detailed that it will be dealing with rage quitters in “Street Fighter V.” Rage quitters are basically players that tend to disconnect games, mostly out of frustration or anger at being close to defeat against another opponent.

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The good thing about this is that Capcom has taken steps to ensure that the punishment that will be doled out is tailored to those who are encompassed by the rage quitter category. Currently, the new system in “Street Fighter V” will be targeting the worst offenders to date. This means that players who may have a few disconnected instances to their record need not worry, as there is another criteria beyond disconnect rates.

“Though we were pretty confident that players in our system who had high disconnect rates were indeed those who were attempting to avoid a loss at all costs, we didn’t want to start dishing out any punishments without clear proof,” said Capcom in the update. “Since then we’ve been working hard with the SFV server team… and will be punishing players on a weekly basis who have extremely high disconnect rates coupled with unrealistic win rates.”

There has already been 30 players who have been penalised to date. This was done by docking League Points, so any player who sees docked LP and rank better take the warning. It appears that this is just the first step, as Capcom has hinted that it will be bringing in a more permanent solution to the rage quitting trend.

Additionally, Capcom has also hinted that the March update is almost ready for some detail dishing. The developer has hinted on rolling out some new modes alongside bug fixes.

These new modes may actually include some new modes that may replace the missing Arcade mode. According to Gamepur, “Street Fighter” Producer Peter Rosas has hinted that two new offline modes will be introduced in an update. Dubbed as the Character Story and Survival, the new modes will supposedly be refined sometime in the future.

There will also be two new Challenge Modes coming for March, though Rosas did not drop any more hints to this. However, he did hint that the team is already looking at a Versus CPU mode, which may be the closes that fans may get to the traditional Arcade Mode.

Perhaps the best news for fans who are looking for assurance that the game will be supported for the long run is the news that there will be more single-player features added throughout the year. While the biggest criticism that “Street Fighter V” has received is the lack of content for the offline mode, it seems that the developer is taking the necessary steps to address this early on.

Rage quitters in "Street Fighter V" (Credit: YouTube/elbos)