The Division
Ubisoft's "The Division" is already available for preloading for some platforms. Ubisoft

The release date for “The Division” is slowly creeping, and Ubisoft is now giving breadcrumbs as to what will happen once the servers go live for the game. It appears that everyone, including those who will be reviewing the game, will be able to access the game on the same date.

Come March 8, the servers will go live on 00:01 a.m. Australian Eastern Daylight Time, and it will be then that the reviewers and impressions will most probably start trickling in, the developer announced via the blog. The goal of the developer in doing this is so that the reviewers will take into consideration the actual gameplay when “The Division” is populated by players. And it is during this time that the actual online experience is seen, when there is an active player population online.

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“’The Division’ was always designed to be a seamless online experience, giving players the option to play solo or group with fellow Agents to tackle missions and infiltrate the Dark Zone as a squad,” said the developer in the official UbiBlog.

Preloading is already available for those who are playing on the Xbox One via digital copies. Those on Steam or UPlay can already get it as well, while those on the PS4 will have to wait until March 6, 00:01 a.m. to predownload the game. For the digital copies in the U.S., “The Division” will be active on all platforms come 12:01 a.m. EST on March 8.

For those who have yet to preorder “The Division,” GameStop is currently running an interesting online campaign for preorders. The interactive session is hosted on Imgur, where fans can enjoy a “Choose Your Own Misadventure” experience, GameSpot reported.

What players can do is explore the different missions offered for “The Division” via the interactive campaign. A story will be told depending on how the player chooses to go through the preview of the missions. There is a PC-optimised and mobile-optimised version of the Imgur experience, and clicking on the images in the promotion will lead to preorders.

According to the source, preorders done via GameStop will bundle in some interesting items, including the Hazmat Gear Set, which has the P416 Assault Rifle, the Hazmat Suit and the Go Bag with increased resistance to Exotic Damage.

"The Division" gameplay and impressions (Credit: YouTube/jackfrags)