Bungie has been experimenting with the matchmaking settings in “Destiny” to ensure that players are getting their time and skill’s worth of opponents. This time, the team appears to have achieved the balance when it comes to sorting opponents by skill and by Internet connection capabilities.

In the latest update, Bungie has stated that a hot fix will roll out in the coming week. Guardians should mark their calendars as Bungie will start rolling out the Hot Fix The main change that will come with the upcoming hotfix is tweaks to the matchmaking settings for playlists in the Crucible. The previously experimental Damage Referee will also now be applied all over to help with low-quality connections during combat.

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Senior Designer Derek Carroll had expounded on how exactly the change will influence the battlefield. According to him, the changes that have been seen over the past week in Iron Banner and Control are now going to be felt by all in matchmaking sessions.

“Our goal for matchmaking continues to be fostering a competitive ecosystem that works for everyone,” said Carroll in the Bungie Weekly Update.

The new system now aims to set up matches that have the lowest possible lags. This is in tandem with matching the players with the apt skill level, though Carroll did state that skill is not prioritised over latency. This is because the settings for matchmaking low latency matches are said to be the most aggressive to date, equating to more high-quality matches in whatever playlist “Destiny” players will play in.

Bungie has also recently concluded a new live stream that took fans through more secrets in the Dreadnaught. The developer had showcased a few tricks during the production phase of “Destiny,” VG 247 reported. Some of these include the story behind the Cabal ship in the Breach, among other small details in the story.

Another live stream is scheduled for March 10. For the new live stream, the team behind Oryx’s arrival into “Destiny” will take center stage. In addition, the Bungie ViDoc will also be rolled out in the next stream. Later on, Bungie will also include details on the new challenges slated for the PvE mode.

"Destiny" Dreadnaught ridealong (Credit: YouTube/PlanetDestiny)