Resident Evil
The PlayStation Store is currently offering discounted titles from the "Resident Evil" franchise. PlayStation Blog

The PS4 has been making waves as one of the better-selling consoles for this new generation of gaming hardware. It appears that even in Australia, the console war is dominated by Sony’s next-gen console.

According to the recent info from Sony Computer Entertainment Australia, the PS4 has already broken record for sales in the continent for the entire 2015. It took up 59 percent of the total number of console units sold in 2015 in the tier of next-gen consoles. This counts the Xbox One and Wii U in the count as well for Australia.

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The data includes both retail and digital sales of the PS4. To add to the successful figures, GameSpot stated that the PS4 has also topped a close competitor by 82 percent for value and 84 percent for units sold. It does not stop there, however, as there is still the PlayStation VR slated to come later on.

“We are excited to welcome the inclusion of PlayStation VR, that will again elevate our proposition by pushing the boundaries of innovative technology,” said Michael Emphraim, Managing Director of Sony Computer Entertainment Australia.

Also happening this week is the start of the eight weeks of sales and discounts for games and movie franchise via the PlayStation Store. Kicking things off is the “Resident Evil” franchise for both games and movies.

Announced via the PlayStation Blog, Sony had already revealed the lineup of franchise on sale. Following closely from the “Resident Evil” sale start date, “Assassin’s Creed” for games and “Hunger Games” for the movies will be up on March 8. The incoming weeks until April 19 will see the likes of Naughty Dog, “Call of Duty,” “Metal Gear,” “Tom Clancy’s,” “LEGO” and “Grand Theft Auto Sale” for the games franchises.

As part of the zombie kick-off week for the eight-week sale, PS4 players can also get a time-limited commemorative PS4 theme for the 20th anniversary of Resident Evil. This can be obtained via the PlayStation Store.

The full list of “Resident Evil” titles can be seen in the link above. Part of the sale include costume packs, episodes, map packs, season passes and deluxe editions of various “Resident Evil” installments. There are also games offered for the PS3 and one for the PS Vita, for those who are looking for games beyond the PS4. The sale will be ongoing until March 7, before the changeover for the “Assassin’s Creed” franchise sale commences the day after.

"Resident Evil" PlayStation Store Sale (Credit: YouTube/The Cli3nt)