Gabrielle Stone
A picture of "Stray" movie cast member Gabrielle Stone. Supplied

Gabrielle Stone, the daughter of famed actors Dee Wallace (“E.T,” “The Howling”) and Christopher Stone (“Cujo,” “The New Lassie”), is carving out a formidable acting career of her own these days. In her latest film, “Stray,” she plays a killer who decides to settle down in a small town and start a family. The film is available on Amazon and Google Play.

International Business Times: Your mother is well known for her horror work. Does the love of the genre run in the family?

Gabrielle Stone : I think what runs in our family is wanting to do roles that move people. As long as it's good material it doesn't matter the genre. But the horror fans are quite awesome I must say.

IB Times: Was your mother always encouraging of your choice to pursue acting?

Stone: My mom has always let me make my own decisions and has always supported whatever it is I'm passionate about. Growing up it was dance and sports. When I wanted to start acting she was fully supportive of that as well. As long as I'm happy, she's happy :)

IB Times: ‘Stray’ is quite a ride. How would you describe the tone?

Stone: It is! I think it's a tragic love story that is shown in unlikely circumstances. A girl who was broken when she was younger and has never been able to heal and the consequences of that.

A still from the movie "Stray." Supplied

IB Times: Was there something particular about the script that interested you?

Stone: To be frank it really was my kind of role. A complex character that had so many layers going on in the middle of an intense drama. The script was so well written and was such a different type of story.

IB Times: Fair to say you’re nothing like the character you play?

Stone: What do you mean? I wasn't even acting...HA :)

I am definitely far from Jennifer in most ways. But the beauty of playing characters like this is finding the truthful parts and relating to them to bring the character to life. Even in the darkest characters you can find pieces of yourself.

IB Times: How would you describe Nena Eskridge as a director?

Stone: Nena is a wonderful human being. She always trusted my instincts and was always open to creative discussions. I loved working with her and I hope she'll jump into another feature soon.