Brett Gelman
Actor Brett Gelman poses during Los Angeles premiere of "Blunt Talk" at the DGA Theater in Los Angeles, California August 10, 2015. Reuters/Kevork Djansezian

The cast of “Stranger Things” just keeps growing and growing. The newest addition to the serie is actor and comedian Brett Gelman, whose character is bound to stir up some trouble in the small town of Hawkins.

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Gelman is set to play a disgraced journalist, who has become a conspiracy theorist. The character, named Murray Bauman, will find his way to Hawkins in order to investigate a cold case.

The 40-year-old actor is the latest addition to a long list of new characters that Matt and Ross Duffer are introducing for “Stranger Things” season 2. “There's definitely a handful of really compelling new characters this season, but absolutely servicing the core group first and foremost," executive producer Shawn Levy told The Hollywood Reporter in a previous interview. "Like the show itself, it's multigenerational new characters and really, really intriguing ones."

The other additions include actors Sadie Sink, Dacre Montgomery and Linnea Berthelsen who play Max, Billy and Roman respectively. Max is a 13-year-old who is described as tough and confident. Meanwhile, her step-brother, 17-year-old Billy, is expected to be edgy, violent and unpredictable. Rounding up the older cast of “Stranger Things,” Roman is a character aged between 30-38 that suffered something immense in her childhood and has since sought for revenge.

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The second season of the Netflix original will take place a year or so after the final episode of the first season. Played somewhere in between October 1984 and April 1985, the beloved characters of “Stranger Things” learn that their nightmares are not over. "When terrifying supernatural forces once again begin to affect Hawkins, they realize Will's disappearance was only the beginning," an official logline of season 2 said.

“Stranger Things” season 2 is expected to hit Netflix sometime before July 2017.