Sterling Global Wipes Starts Making Baby Wipes That Fully Disperses In Sewers, Septic Systems

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In Photo: A baby sleeps on its mother's shoulder in the Munich hospital Reuters/Michaela Rehle

Sterling Global Products is producing new baby wipes that would dissipate in agitation in less than five minutes. Made of tencel and pulp, the upcoming products hopes to help keep sewers in the US clean.

The flushing of materials that should not be disposed in toilets is the reason behind sewer congestion, including baby wipes made of non-biodegradable material. The new product is designed to fully disperse in sewers and septic systems, according to an email reply by Sarah Schultz, manager of Sterling.

It would allow Sterling “to fully embrace the desire to keep America's sewers clean,” Schultz says, adding that tencel is 100 percent natural and made from botanical materials. She expects the new products to be in supermarket shelves within three months from start of production.

Taking into account possible manufacturing delays, Schultz reckons it would be available in the market by October 2015. It would be available at Sterling’s existing retailers, online stores such as Amazon and at the company’s Web store at

Suggested retail price is $9.99 US for the refillable, hanging canisters, and $2.99 for the refill packs.  The upcoming environment-friendly baby wipes as well as other Sterling products could be purchased individually, in bulk, or as part of a subscription, says Schultz. She adds that with this green option, Sterling would stop production of its original wipes as part of the company’s commitment to customers to provide them the best quality, least impactful product available.

The new baby wipes met standards set by the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry, or INDA, and independently underwent testing, including in-house dispersibility testing, says Schultz.  INDA held a four-day conference in June in Atlanta, Georgia, to seek solutions and approaches on how to address clogged sewer problems in major cities around the world.

Baby wipes are being blamed for the crisis in sewer clogging in major US cities such as New York, Washington, Orange County and San Francisco. These cities are using additional grinding machines to dispose the waste. In New York, a bill was introduced in February to stop wipe companies from advertising their products as flushable and launched a public awareness programme to promote throwing the wipes in the trash, reports EcoWatch.

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