Photo of multiplayer mode in "State of Decay 2."

Undead Labs has provided a new update for "State of Decay 2" that gave its fans a glimpse of what they can expect in the game. Director of Community Sanya Weathers posted on the game's blog about what would be included upon the game's release.

According to Weathers, Undead Labs will launch the game with three new maps that will be larger than the first "State of Decay." Although she did not mention how players can explore the said maps, she provided insight on why the developer decided to include more than one map in the upcoming sequel.

Weathers mentioned that the addition of three new maps in the sequel would make the game more fun. It will make players feel like they are moving from one small town to another and will create a "tremendous sense of immersion."

Weathers also included in the Undead Labs blog that the three new maps might also add counter-intuitively and make the world feel even bigger. She even spoiled that one map will be three times as large as the first map featured in the first "State of Decay."

Having one map before in the first "State of Decay" gave the feeling of deja vu which made the game repetitive. Its sequel will aim to fix that problem by providing more areas that players to explore. As the game gets longer, players will be able to unlock more unique locations.

'State of Decay 2' maps to each have missions and activities

Undead Labs want to make sure that things would be maintained fresh for new and returning players with multiple maps. It will also pave way for developers to provide additional updates to the game for the future. Each map will have its own missions and activities that will be connected with the overall story of the game.

Design director Richard Foge said in the post that players will be able to take their people and all their supplies across each map. These also include the players' trucks and whatever is stored in its trunks, partial refund for building facilities and more.

The ability to transfer everything across the three maps might mean that players will not be able to return to previous maps. It might be because players have to transfer from one place to another because that specific area is already being overran by zombies. Hopefully, Undead Labs will provide more details about "State of Decay 2" at E3 2017 in June at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Source: YouTube/Xbox