Mark Hamill
Mark Hamill gestures as he arrives at the European Premiere of Star Wars, The Force Awakens in Leicester Square, London, December 16, 2015. Reuters/Paul Hackett

The title of “Star Wars: Episode 8” appears to have leaked online, thanks to a trademark filing by Lucasfilm. A new report has details about the name of the next film. The filing suggests that a teaser trailer will soon be released for the fans.

Lucasfilm has filed for the name “Star Wars: Forces of Destiny” with the European Union Intellectual Property office, AVS Forum reports. The reason why this is being suggested as proof of it being the title is that the company’s filing allows it to use it for various merchandise like clothes, toys, Christmas tree ornaments and even staplers.

Before “The Force Awakens” was released, Lucasfilm had teased character details and other elements of the plot through a wide range of merchandise. The toys of the movie line were some of the hottest selling products at that time and they continue to sell to this day. There were also novels that revealed details about the events just prior to the film.

The report notes that this is the right time to start teasing some information about “Star Wars: Episode 8,” as “Rogue One” will be released in a few days. Lucasfilm may have held back from releasing even the title of the upcoming sequel to make sure the casual fan is not confused.

Apart from the title reveal, the report expects a teaser trailer to be released soon. Filming of the movie wrapped in July this year, and the movie is currently in the post production phase of development. So, Director Rian Johnson may have been able to put something together to get the fans excited.

The supposed title of “Star Wars: Episode 8” doesn’t reveal much. Previous reports suggested that it is “Tale of the Jedi Temple” or “Order of the Dark Side.” Now, the fans can start to speculate what the name “Forces of Destiny” actual means for the film in terms of the plot.