Oscar Isaac
Actor Oscar Isaac arrives at a screening of X-Men Apocalypse at a cinema in London, Britain, May 9, 2016. Reuters/Hannah McKay

Another possible name of “Star Wars: Episode 8” has surfaced online. Fans are now debating whether the new title is legitimate and if it reveals too much of the plot of the movie. Meanwhile, Oscar Isaac’s Poe Dameron will get a bigger role in the movie, thanks to his performance in “The Force Awakens.”

[Spoiler alert]

A video from the forthcoming “Star Wars” Celebration event has leaked online, showing a poster of the next movie of the continuing saga of Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill). The poster reveals the name of the movie and it is “Fall of the Resistance.”

Previous reports had suggested that the name of the movie is either “Echoes of the Dark Side” or “Tale of the Jedi Temple.” Given that so many titles of the movie are surfacing online and none of them have been confirmed by websites that have a reputation for leaking authentic information about the movie; fans remain skeptical.

Some of the fans point out that this new name of “Star Wars: Episode 8” that is currently making the rounds on the internet may be revealing too much of the plot and so may not be legitimate. Others, however, point out that the title is not unlike the “Empire Strikes Back,” which was the highly successful sequel to the original movie and is considered to be the best movie from the franchise by far.

Meanwhile, a report by Rolling Stone suggests that Poe Dameron will play a bigger role in the forthcoming movie. The character was supposed to die very quickly in “The Force Awakens,” but director J.J. Abrams changed his mind later. Now, thanks to the audience response to the character, Isaac’s character may get an expanded role.

Isaac has said that “Star Wars: Episode 8” as the “dark second chapter,” in which the main characters Rey (Daisy Ridley,” Finn (John Boyega) and Poe get tested. Even the soccer droid BB-8 will get tested. Is Isaac hinting at some trouble for the Resistance in the movie and thereby confirming that “Fall of the Resistance” is indeed the name?