Benicio del Toro
Actor Benicio del Toro attends The National Board of Review Gala, held to honor the 2015 award winners, in the Manhattan borough of New York January 5, 2016. Reuters/Andrew Kelly

New set of pictures from the production set of “Star Wars: Episode 8” and a video have leaked online. Meanwhile, cast member Benicio Del Toro spoke about what it was like to be in the movie in a recent interview.

Pictures posted on The Dubrovnik Times, show that the set in Dubrovnik is almost complete. The production crew has added some set pieces to the entrance of souvenir shops, bakeries and jewellery boutiques in the street, to give it an alien and futuristic look. Panels have been added at the doors to show that they are electronic doors.

Filming at this location is set to begin on March 9th and will continue till the 16th. Security at the location is not as tight as it is expected to be when filming will take place. Only a few security guards were said to be present at the location when the pictures were taken.

A video posted on the YouTube channel of Ruptly TV shows how the filming location in Dubrovnik is slowly being transformed. One of the fans who was interviewed in the video liked the production design and said that he can’t wait to see how good it looks in “Star Wars: Episode 8.”

None of the cast members of the movie have been pictured at the production site or in the city yet. There were rumours about some cast members having arrived at the city to film their scenes for the movie, but there has been no confirmation yet.

Meanwhile, cast member Del Toro told Toronto Sun in an interview that it was “scary” to be a part of the movie because there has been a lot of talk about the actor being a part of the movie, even before he has filmed a single scene. The actor later added that he is also excited to be a part of “Star Wars: Episode 8.”