'Star Wars'
Characters from the Star Wars film series are seen during a press preview for the exhibit "Star Wars Identities" at the MAK museum in Vienna, Austria, December 17, 2015. Reuters/Leonhard Foeger

New pictures from the production set of “Star Wars: Episode 8” have leaked online from Dubrovnik. Security around the set is being enhanced and the producers are now reportedly using over 600 guards with drones to make sure that filming details are not revealed to general public.

Pictures posted on StarWarsDubrovnik reveal how Old City Port and Dubrovnik Main Street are being transformed for the movie. Another part of the city where filming is said to be taking place is Trg Oruzja Square.

Tents are being set up at some locations and others are being transformed to look like a location on an alien planet. More pictures posted on TheDubrovnikTimes show set pieces being added to a souvenir shop at Stradun, to give it an alien look.

It is still not clear what new planet is being created in Dubrovnik. More details about the planet are expected to be revealed soon, as the production crew completes their work and more pictures and details from the set leak.

The producers, however, are enhancing security around the sets of “Star Wars: Episode 8” to prevent any leaks. According to a report by Independent, the producers are spending about AU $5.83 million just for security. The money will be spent on a “special team” of 600 guards “with drones” in a round the clock security detail.

Many pictures from the sets of “Star Wars: Force Awakens” had leaked online, giving fans a glimpse of some of the scenes being filmed, roles of some of the cast members and ships in the movie. A large number of concept arts from the movie also leaked online.

The most unsettling fact about the leaks was that they also contained major spoilers about the plot of the movie. The producers want to make sure that the same thing doesn’t happen again with “Star Wars: Episode 8.”