'Star Wars: Bloodline'
The cover photo of the novel "Star Wars: Bloodline." StarWars.com

The author of the canon novel “Star Wars: Bloodline” decided to have some fun while writing the book and added some references to other fictional worlds like “Star Trek.” The book is set a few years before “The Force Awakens” and gives background information about some of the major characters and events.

Many of the names of characters and planets in the book are a tribute to “Mad Max: Fury Road,” the official Star Wars website reveals. The author, Claudia Gray, also “sneaked in” a “Star Trek” reference. There are also a few “The Force Awakens” characters featured in the book.

One character that the fans may recognise in the book is Korr Sella (Maisie Richardson-Sellers). The character had a very brief presence in “The Force Awakens.” She was one of many at Hosnian Prime, when the First Order attacked the planet with their lethal new weapon.

Korr Sella is the daughter of a prominent politician and in the novel she works closely with Leia (Carrie Fisher). Gray hopes that “Star Wars: Bloodline” will help make the character’s scene in the movie a little more personal.

The book will explore the nature of politics just before “The Force Awakens.” The characters and events that led to the formation of the First Order are featured in the book.

The book also introduces the concept of noble families being a part of the galaxy for centuries. Known as “The Elder Houses,” these families played an important role in supporting various monarchies many centuries ago, but were eventually reduced to the status of being just another social organisation.

“Star Wars: Bloodline” also introduces a new character named Ransolm Casterfo. Ransolm is a young character and so doesn’t remember the Empire and the war against it the way the others do. The younger generation apparently has a different view of the past events and this has an effect on galactic politics.