'Star Wars: Bloodline'
The cover photo of the novel "Star Wars: Bloodline." StarWars.com

The author of the canon novel “Star Wars: Bloodline,” Claudia Gray, recently wrote an op-ed about how Leia is in a race to become the First Senator in the book and how she is the only hope for the galaxy. However, a previous report had revealed how despite the many accomplishments of Leia, people are distrustful of her with too much power because of her father Darth Vader.

In an article posted on Medium, Gray recounts how Leia has been at the forefront of the battle against the Empire. From fighting in historic battles such as the Battle of Hoth and Battle of Endor, to helping the survivors of the planet Alderaan, she has shown that she is a great leader.

Now, Leia is running a campaign to be elected First Senator in the New Galactic Senate. The politicians seem to be divided into two camps; the Centrists and the Populists. The Centrists are seeking measures that are very similar to the Empire and the Populists want to give more freedom to member planets.

“Star Wars: Bloodline” will explore the origins of the First Order. Are the Centrists politicians a precursor to the rise of the new evil force in the galaxy? The powerful position of First Senator is expected to bring order to the Senate and help the government chart a course for the future.

The position of First Senator, however, may remind readers of the powerful position of Chancellor Palpatine. The argument now being put forth by Leia supporters is that too much power in the hands of the wrong person can lead to bloodshed and tyranny, but it will be different if a good person is at the helm.

Although Leia has her supporters, a previously leaked report about “Star Wars: Bloodline” also revealed that some of the Senators are weary of giving her too much power. The Senators are aware that Leia is the daughter of Darth Vader, who also made a name for himself in battles and was the champion of the Senate, until he became the instrument of evil.