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The Klingons will get a whole new look in “Star Trek Discovery” season 2. The TV series has already showed the new look of the alien species in the first season, but this look will evolve over time, and there will also be new variations due to the new Houses that will be revealed on the show this time around.

Speaking at the “Star Trek: Las Vegas” convention, Makeup Designer Glenn Hetrick teased a new look for the Klingons in season 2, TrekMovie reports. The characters were all seen without hair in the first season, and Hetrick explained that this is not the normal look of the Klingons. The hairlessness has more to do with the rituals of the race.

According to Klingon lore, Kahless unified the different Houses of the Empire by dipping a lock of hair into a volcano to create the first bat’leth, a weapon of war, and tempering it in the ocean of Qo’noS.

The Klingon lore was used to create the look of the aliens in the first season. So, it appears the new look will involve them having facial hair.

Another way for the TV series to explore a different look of the Klingons is by introducing new Houses of the Empire. Each House is a little different from the others. Mo’Kai, for example, undergo ritual scarring. D’Ghor add jewellery to their heads. Hetrick has further explained that apart from the artificial differences between the various Houses there are also genetic differences.

The Klingons have all grown up on different planets, and they are not all based on Qo’noS. This will lead to variation in the way the look and dress. Hetrick promised that season 2 will reveal what the Empire will look like “on a wider level.”

“Star Trek Discovery” season 2 is set to air sometime next year.