Star Trek: Discovery tv series
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A limited series of short stories titled “Short Treks” are being released every week, leading up to “Star Trek Discovery” season 2. The upcoming episode is “Calypso,” and the writer of the show shared some details about the mysteries of the plot in a recent interview.

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Michael Chabon wrote the script of the upcoming episode. In an interview with The Jewish News of North California, Chabon talked about being a fan of the “Star Trek” franchise and how his father used to watch the original series when he was very young. He also spoke about the episode “Calypso.”

The plot of the next episode is about a castaway who is rescued by the Discovery. The interesting part of the episode, which is set in the future, is that there is no one onboard the ship, and it is controlled by the ship’s computer.

“It’s about the relationship that forms between the mysterious castaway and the AI,” Chabon said. The plot will also explore what the ship has been doing for the past 1000 years, which is just one of the mysteries in the episode. The writer teased that while some of the mysteries will be explained in the episode, others will remain mysteries.

Several other “Star Trek” projects are currently under development, the most highly anticipated among them is arguably the one being made with Patrick Stewart reprising his role as Jean-Luc Picard. Chabon appears to know some details about this new show, but he refused to answer any questions related to it, and he joked that he would be abducted by Section 31 if he revealed any secrets.

“Calypso” is set to air on Nov. 8. There are just three more episodes left in the “Shorts” series. “Star Trek Discovery” season 2 is set to premiere on Jan. 17, 2019.