A poster of Spider-Man from the movie "Spider-Man: Homecoming." Spider-Man Homecoming/ Facebook

Leaked pictures of “Spider-Man: Far from Home” gave the fans a glimpse of the villain Mysterio’s (Jake Gyllenhaal) costume, but there was still some doubt about the kind of helmet the character will wear. Now, thanks to a picture of some marketing material, there is confirmation that the villain will be getting a fishbowl helmet that is prominent in the comics.

According to a report by ComicBook.com, a picture posted on the Instagram page of candy connoisseurs shows a new flavour of Dr. Pepper that is supposed to be released at the time of the premiere of the movie.

The new flavour is Dark Berry, and the picture shows a character from the film who has a spherical head. Although the picture doesn’t explicitly show the costume, it is quite clear that this is an outline or shadow of the villain Mysterio, and he will be getting a fishbowl helmet that is straight from the comics.

Filming has already wrapped, and the movie is currently in the post production phase of development. Filming mostly took place in Europe, where the plot is set this time around.

“Spider-Man: Far from Home” is set in a timeline after the untitled “Avengers 4” movie. Peter Parker (Tom Holland) and his friends go on a vacation to Europe, and there they have yet another adventure.

The report notes that Marvel President Kevin Feige teased that there will be a change in tone in the upcoming film. There will be a connection to what is happening in the other movies in the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Feige teased that it will be similar to how they made “Ant-Man and the Wasp.”

“Spider-Man: Far from Home” is set to be released on July. 5, 2019 in the US. The producers are yet to announce a release date for Australia.