David Chase
David Chase, screenwriter and producer of the television series, "The Sopranos," poses during a photocall at the 36th American film festival in Deauville September 4, 2010. Reuters/ Vincent Kessle

"The Sopranos" ended its run 10 years ago, but most are still wondering what really happened with that celebrated cut-to-black scene. This was the last scene where Tony Soprano (the late James Gandolfini) met with his family at a diner.

Since then, followers of the show are left pondering on what could have happened. Was Tony killed in the diner? Or did the family escape the mafia wars and set a new course in life? To this day, no one seems to know.

The best person to answer these questions is show creator David Chase. After six seasons, the series' run came to an end. Such is common for shows that hit it big, although many are still hoping for a miracle for it to continue.

In an interview with EW, Chase was adamant on possibly continuing the saga of "The Sopranos." Aside from the fact that lead star James Gandolfini has already passed in June 19, 2013, other cast members have gotten old.

“I wouldn’t want to see that happen, no. Like recasting? … Everybody’s getting older, you can’t match people anymore,” said Chase.

However, there is a bit of light over the horizon for folks wanting to see more. But if ever one does happen, it will have to be a prequel. If so, the storyline could rewind back to Tony when he was still a child. Some cuts of those were seen before in the series, particularly the early seasons.

Much of these scenes involved his dad Giovanni "Johnny Boy" Soprano (Joseph Siravo) and his Uncle Junior/Corrado John Soprano (Dominic Chianese). With them, Tony grew up witnessing the mafia way of living. Chase reportedly had talks with studios about the idea, but nothing came close to it from happening – at least for now.

If ever a prequel comes out, HBO is likely to pick it up since it was one of their original series. But for it to happen, Chase and company need to come up with a good script.

A potential prequel to "The Sopranos" may not answer what really happened during the cut-to-black season finale, though it offers an alternative in tracing the roots of how Tony Soprano and the gang came to be. Curiously, it will be interesting to see who gets to play the young Tony as well as the lead roles Johnny Boy and Junior Soprano.