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Fans of the PS3 may be happy to know that PlayStation Now has added 40 games from the last-gen console’s library into the popular streaming service. The games are a mix of indie titles and more well-known franchises, which should please a lot of PS3 fans.

PlayStation Now is a streaming service that lets PS4 owners play older games on the console, usually PS3 titles. Fans can choose to pay for it monthly for US$19.99 (AU$28.23) or US$44.99 (AU$63.54) for three months.

The PlayStation Blog also unveiled a special holiday deal that lets players have a whole year of the PS Now streaming service for US$99.99 (AU$141.21). This holiday deal is limited, however, and will only be available till Jan. 11, so those who want to play some PS3 classics will have to subscribe to the service soon.

Some of the over 40 titles include games from the “Ratchet and Clank” series, “Pixeljunk Shooter,” “The Puppeteer,” “Heavenly Sword,” “Infamous,” “God of War: Ascension” and more. There are now over 300 titles in the PS Now streaming service, making it a worthwhile endeavour for those who want to play these games on a current-gen console.

An article from Game Informer suggests for Sony to add games from the original PlayStation and PS2 to make the PS Now service more tempting, but that seems unlikely. The company is currently re-releasing PS2 games through PSN, like “Rogue Galaxy” and “Dark Cloud.”

Considering that each PS2 on PS4 title costs around US$9.99 (AU$14.11) or US$14.99 (AU$21.17), it’s highly doubtful that the PS2 games will be coming to the PS Now streaming service. The fact that Sony doesn’t have consistent dates for these games is also a bit troublesome.

That being said, it looks like the PS Now service is officially worth investing in, given the amount of games available now. Fans better take the one year subscription offer while they still can, as it is clearly the best deal of the bunch and grants the longest playing experience.

100+ PlayStation Exclusives on PlayStation Now Subscription (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)