Katey Sagal And Kurt Sutter
Actress Katey Sagal, star of FX cable channel series "Sons of Anarchy", arrives with her husband Kurt Sutter, creator of the series, at the premiere screening of season three in Hollywood, California August 30, 2010. REUTERS/Fred Prouser REUTERS

After its bloody and heartbreaking ending, FX "Sons of Anarchy" claimed that top spot in Cartermatt's Show of the Year poll beating Benedict Cumberbatch's "Sherlock" and Michael Sheen's "Masters of Sex." Now that the show ended with an all-time high, series creator Kurt Sutter is gearing up for post-SOA project, "The Bastards Executioner."

The biker drama series took 32 percent of the votes, which is 2 percent above "Sherlock," a close fight between two amazing shows but it seems that SAMCRO is going out with a bang for its final ride. Thanks to lead stars Charlie Hunnam (Jax Teller) and Katey Sagal (Gemma Teller), the show is one of the most watched series in television and reached its all-time high during the series finale.

Meanwhile, the "Sons of Anarchy" showrunner is giving out a few hints about his upcoming medieval show as he released the first draft of script to FX. Known for his reputation in "The Shield" and SOA, Sutter admitted that passing the script to the network is one of the first major steps to get his show up and running by the fall of this year.

"Of course, there are multiple drafts ahead, network and studio notes, and a whole lot of other steps to go through just with this process alone," according to Cartermatt. "While we can't speak for individual shows, by and large everything that we've heard about FX externally is that they tend to let creators create, and don't bog them down with their own suggestions quite like others that are out there."

The announcement was posted on his Twitter account on Jan. 7, Wednesday, as he jokingly said, "I always assume every script will be the one they found out I'm a fraud." SOA lead star and Sutter's wife, Katey Sagal, also confirmed that she will be joining her husband for the second time around in "The Bastards Executioner."

As of now, there are little information about the upcoming show but Sutter admitted on his video blog, "WTFSutter," that he might use some of his SOA actors who are based in Europe. The show features a knight in King Edward III's army in the early 14th century who vows not to use his sword ever again but forced to pick up the bloodiest weapon after violence haunted him again.