The Sims 4
Manage a restaurant and get all the perks in "The Sims 4" Dine Out Pack. EA

Wondering what “The Sims 4” Dine Out Pack will bring once it’s released? EA and Maxis have given a few hints as to what players can expect once Sims have the chance to eat out or be eaten alive by critics and Sims alike.

A new official gameplay trailer has been released, seen below, showing what aspiring restaurant owners can do. Just like real-life restaurateurs, players can customise the restaurant on how they want, while ensuring that all of the included necessities—hired staff, ambience of the restaurant, and food, among others—keep Sims happy. At the same time, it’s a balancing act to remaining profitable as a restaurant.

The video shows the different staffs that can be hired, and how to further motivate and inspire them to be the best they can be. Players can unlock Inspirational speech to do this.

EA has also confirmed that restaurants will be rated with a five-star rating system. The rating takes into consideration the food, the service, and the ambience. Why bother with a five-star rating? That’s because improving restaurants will unlock perks that can let players add a waiter, have more quality ingredients, and even get discounts on ingredients. The ratings will be seen when the Sims pay their bill—the rating will be floating inside the star above their heads.

The ratings themselves are helpful, since they can be broken down to see which ones are already excellent and which ones need to be improved.

One’s menu can also spell the difference, apart from good service and good atmosphere in a restaurant. As mentioned previously, players can choose which food they will include on the menu—and it can get as experimental as possible.

As a restaurant owner, the player can have an actual active job in the restaurant. Talking to customers can improve the star rating. And if a critic is in the house, the restaurant owner can recommend the best dishes in the house.

Other things that players can do in “The Sims 4” Dine Out Pack include personalising the name, aesthetics, ambience, and décor of the place. Of course, setting up the basics is a must, so the elements that need to be in a restaurant are the restroom, the Host station, the Waiter Station, the Chef Station and several Dining Spots that comprise of several chairs and tables.

Staff clothing and even the restaurant owner’s own clothes should jive with the restaurant’s overall theme and ambience, so this is also a must. Funnily enough, for players who have other “The Sims 4” packs like the Outdoor Retreat Game Pack or the Get Together pack can make use of the costumes there, such the bear suits or the Knights costume, as detailed over the official The Sims website.

Fans who are at a loss for what to do at the beginning can first make use of the six pre-made restaurant templates in the My Library section. “The Sims 4” Dine Out Pack will be out on June 7.

"The Sims 4" Dine Out Pack gameplay trailer (Credit: YouTube/The Sims)