The Division
"The Division" Conflict update will change the loot system and bring a new incursion to the game. Ubisoft

Fans’ woes have reached Ubisoft’s ears. The developer has already released an official list of bugs and exploits from the “The Division” 1.2 Update.

Over at the official Ubisoft forums, there are 10 official bugs already listed. These include

The developer has also noted that, unless the bug or exploit is not included in the list above, players will not be penalised for using an exploit. The bugs spotted include:

  • Teleporting back to the Clinton Safe House after reaching the electronics crates in the Dark Zone
  • Daily HVTs do not reset properly due to client not updating when the player is in-game
  • Overlapping UI that creates a double effect, also known as the Double Screen Glitch previously reported
  • Graphical distortion on PC
  • Inability to mark as junk in inventory
  • Change in Dark Zone rank requirement from 50 to 80 for Dark Zone
  • Jamming weapons in One is None
  • Players being teleported to a checkpoint after entering a location in the DZ06 undergrounds

Ubisoft is currently investigating a couple more bugs and exploits. These include floating weapons, players falling through the map, the Dark Zone rank, disconnected fast travels and more.

More than the bugs, there are also some changes that were not included in the official change log. WCCF Tech reported that these changes are basically additional Superior Items and changes in the cost of crafting.

One Reddit user was responsible for compiling the list of bugs for “The Division.” Apparently, there are 65 Superior Items added to the Dark Zone Gear Vendor, though they are on the expensive side.

The weapon mods and gear mods cost for crafting are now lowered to 4/6. Speaking of weapons, some of the weapon mods and gear blueprints from the Dark Zone vendor now require a Rank 80 for purchase.