Final Fantasy XV
The Regalia has a top-notch customisation on top of its flying form. Square Enix

The journey in making “Final Fantasy XV” has been a long one. While it was not without its hiccups, most of the development process involved growth of the team and even the actual series itself.

In a new IGN First video, seen below, Game Director Hajime Tabata and the rest of the team behind “Final Fantasy XV” share their thoughts on how the making of the game had been.

According to Tabata, “Final Fantasy XV” is a franchise that can help grow, if the team was one willing to take on the challenges of taking risks. In fact, the team is made of two types of members. On the one hand, there are those who know and promote the tradition of the franchise.

On the other hand, there are also people who aim to modernize it. Combining these two elements in the game-making process has allowed “Final Fantasy XV” to fully become what it is.

“When it comes to the systems, by keeping some of the good elements from the past and adding something new, we can really increase the overall impact and I think the ability to be able to do so is extremely huge,” said System Designer Takatsugu Nakazawa in the video.

The developer also touched on the fact that part of the game making process from the older “Final Fantasy” games was reimagining them into the kind of people they can become, given the upgraded technology. This allows them to look at the pixelated characters from earlier games, now fleshed out into characters with unbelievable detail.

Still, when it comes to preserving tradition, the team did take away some bits from the old games and the art of creator Yoshitaka Amano. The detailed representations of previously pixelated monsters were transformed in fleshed out detail without losing the essence of the past.

The upcoming CGI movie “Kingsglaive : Final Fantasy XV” has also received a few new screenshots, care of Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu. Collated by DualShockers, the screenshots show some of the characters, including Luna and the other members of the Kingsglaive organisation.

There is commander Drautos, Crowe Altius, Luche Lazarus and Libertus Ostium. Apart from posed screenshots, there also some notable action shots included.

"Final Fantasy XV" dev diary (Credit: YouTube/IGN)