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“She-Ra and the Princess of Power” is a new animation series that will be released on Netflix. This is a reboot of an old cartoon, without too many modifications to the story. Talking about the upcoming TV series, Showrunner Noelle Stevenson teased details about a new character that she created while playing “Dungeons & Dragons.”

Stevenson was there at the New York’s Flame Con, where she talked about the show, Entertainment Weekly reports. The producer revealed that she started playing the board game “Dungeons & Dragons” around the same time that she was developing the “She-Ra” TV series.

The first character that Stevenson developed while playing “Dungeons & Dragons” was a teenager who sold her soul to the devil to make her mum mad. The producer described the character as a “Tiefling warlock nightmare baby,” who has the ability to teleport.

While working on “She-Ra” series, Stevenson had to work with a character that had teleporting abilities, and the producer immediately thought of the character she had created for “Dungeons & Dragons.”

“I steal a lot from characters I’ve made from ‘D&D ,’” Stevenson said.

Stevenson has had her share of troubles with her characters while playing “Dungeons & Dragons.” Her character had the “Misty Step” ability that allows for teleporting up to 30 feet to a place that is in sight. Stevenson apparently got stuck a lot playing this game because she would eagerly jump into a situation, then her character would get attacked.

Stevenson used this experience while working on “She-Ra.” She focussed on a character who would have no control over impulse, and then regrets after getting into trouble for rushing into a situation.

“I pull so much inspiration from [D&D],” she added, “because how do you embody these characters? How do you embody it when you have a mission for these characters? And you go and you figure it out from there.”