Sex in a Box for Reality TV? Couples to Have Sex in Studio in Front of Audience for TV Show [SEE VIDEO]

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A man walks past graffiti about sex in downtown Kampala March 7, 2014. A bill, signed into law by President Yoweri Museveni on February 24, has forced embattled gays deeper into the shadows. Reuters

Would you have sex in a box to be on television? Sounds crazy? Well in the world of reality television, everything is possible. "Sex Box" is a reality television show which will soon be aired in the United States where couples will have sex in front of a live audience in a sound proof room! Yes, it gets as voyeuristic as this. The audience waits for the couple to finish their "act" as the panel of sex experts and show host sits right outside the well lit opaque box. They come out of the box and discuss their relationship with the experts then!

"Sex is integral to our lives, but few of us talk about it openly and honestly with our partners. In Sex Box, couples discuss their feelings and sensations about their love life after having sex," says the brief about the program on the Web site of channel 4 where the show will be aired.

Three couples, two straight and one gay, will go inside the opaque "sex box" one by one and then all of them will come out and talk to host Mariella Frostrup and a panel of sex experts. The show is a version of hit British show by the same name and will be shown on WETv in United States. What goes on inside the opaque box will not be shown to the audience but there will be an aura of having sex in front of several people present everywhere on the set!

"The Box itself is a unique way to get peoples' attention and to recognise that sex is a normal part of all our lives and something we need to be talking about openly and honestly," said sex and relationship expert Tracey Cox to Daily Mail.

Channel 4's head of factual programming Ralph Lee is of the opinion that the idea of putting couples in a box will actually enhance the conversation which just flows from their recent experience and hence is more honest and truthful

"It's not about the technicalities of sex but more about discussing what it means to them as a couple," Ralph Lee told Daily Mail. The first couple to get into the "sex box" for the hour long show is Rachel and Dean who are in their 20s. The gay couple to have sex in a box is Matt and John, who is in a long-term relationship and the third couple, is childhood sweethearts Lynette and Des. The show will be aired on October 20, 2014. Watch a full episode of the British version on YouTube below.


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