Neil Patrick Harris attends the Elton John AIDS Foundation's 13th annual An Enduring Vision Benefit in New York
Neil Patrick Harris attends the Elton John AIDS Foundation's 13th annual An Enduring Vision Benefit in New York October 28, 2014. Reuters/Andrew Kelly

The last shot of "American Horror Story" Season 4 mid-season finale indicated that Elsa Mars managed to snare the elusive fame. Elsa was on the Life Magazine's cover as the star of a Friday night show. When "Freak Show" returns on Wed. Jan. 07, Elsa is likely to quit her freak show and take the Hollywood route, as Neil Patrick Harris makes an appearance as the new owner of the freak show.

Harris is playing the role of Chester, the new owner of the freak show who is a magician. In the preview clip, Elsa can be seen saying, "The time has come to toast the new owner, Chester." The preview suggests that Chester is interested in the twins, Bette and Dot. He can be seen kissing one of them and is calling them beautiful. But, like a true "Freak Show," character, he too has a terrifying, blood-thirsty side. The preview provides a glimpse of him sawing a woman in half and that, too, for real. It looks like Ima is his victim. Harris has signed on to appear in two episodes -- episode 11 and episode 12. His real life partner David Burtka will be guest-starring in the final episode of "American Horror Story-Freak Show."

The episode 10 of "American Horror Story," which is titled "Orphans," revealed how Pepper landed in the asylum after the death of her husband Salty. It is for the first time that the connection between two seasons of FX's anthology series was shown. Lily Rabe returned to reprise her "American Horror Story-Asylum" role as Sister Eunice.

In the mid-season finale, Maggie revealed to Desiree that she is not a fortune-teller and also told her that she and Stanley are business partners. Later, she took her to the Museum of Morbid Curiosities. Desiree was shocked to see Ma Petitie and Salty on display there. The biggest shocker, however, was when the curator showed the museum's latest exhibit -- the lobster hands. It was not shown in the episode how Stanley got Jimmy's hands.

The preview clip of episode 11 shows Jimmy alive, with both his hands. Also, Dandy, who did not appear in "Orphans," will be making an appearance in the upcoming episode. It looks like the police detective is keeping an eye on Dot and Bette and reporting to Dandy about them. In one of the scenes, Dandy can be seen asking him, "did they love him." At the end, he can be seen saying, "what a sicko," probably after he finds out know that, like him, Chester, too, likes blood-bath.

The episode 11 of "American Horror Story-Freak Show" is titled "Magical Thinking."

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