Scientists reiterate moon would not turn green on April 20

By @vitthernandez on
Green Moon
The lunar phenomenon is a rare event because it allegedly happens once every 420 years, claims Truthinsideofyou, one of the Web sites which posted the warning and asked people to share it. Truthinsideofyou

It is April 20 today, the day when the moon is supposed to turn green because of planetary alignment. Aware that some people tend to believe what they read in the internet, several science websites reiterate that there would neither be a planetary alignment nor change of colour of the moon. stresses that the green moon event is a lunar hoax and the first date given, April 20, is National Weed Day which is celebrated by smoking cannabis or marijuana. The web site adds that beyond the 420 numerals, it cites that pot enthusiasts say the interval between green moons is 420 years.

It points out that the predominant colour of National Weed Day is green, although the portal also notes that the original date given by hoax makers is May 29. On that day, the moon is supposed to be only 4 degrees from Uranus, a green-hued planet, causing the supposed green sheen because of the proximity.

The web site advices netizens to use their critical skills when they see posts that appear too weird, crazy or amazing to be true. As night approaches, there is a chance some people may again repost the green moon warning, which says people should just ignore.

Tech Times states that social media is partly to be blamed for the proliferation of online hoaxes like the green moon. It notes that the original post by Facebook user Miles Johnson has been shared over 38,000 times on Facebook. It adds that space experts and hoax busters are eager to kill the viral rumour.

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