A young schoolboy hooked to pornography on the Internet has reportedly raped a younger girl for several times. According to the reports, the boy sexually abused the girl for over two years after becoming addicted to hardcore online pornography.

The boy resides in Llandudno region in the UK and was highly neglected by his mother. He spent hours looking for extreme and explicit pornographic images on the Internet. His addiction to Internet pornography led him to fulfil his sexual fantasies by abusing a young girl. This later led to raping the innocent girl.

The 13-year-old boy was ordered to sign the sex offender's register after he admitted the crime Tuesday, Nov. 19. He admitted the rape charges for two years, and the girl was only aged 7 or 8 at the time of the crime.

Judge Niclas Parry of Mold Crown Court described the case as "extremely worrying and sad." The court heard that the boy committing the crime himself has been subjected to the misery of sexual and emotional abuse by his mother's partner in his childhood. Because of this, the boy was able to avoid a custodial sentence by court.

The court heard that the boy has spent his early years in a neglected environment and a home which lacked any 'sexual boundaries.' It was reported the boy may have witnessed the sexual activities of his mother and her partner.

The court was also told that the mother was well aware of her child's addiction to online pornography and she did nothing to prevent or stop it.

"You were brought up in a home that was clearly without sexual boundaries," Judge Niclas Parry said.

The boy is now living at a children's development center under the care of social workers. He has been put in a three-year youth rehabilitation program with the supervision and residency order at the center. He will also be given therapeutic treatment to overcome his addiction to Internet pornography.

The schoolboy who raped the young girl has access to online pornography from age 9 to 11. Paulinus Barnes, the prosecutor in the case, reported that the boy initially denied any allegations of raping the young girl, but later confessed about his juvenile behavior and repeated sexual offense.

The judge added the young victim will be counseled, but it may take a long time before she could understand that what was happening to her.