A collection of childhood toys, including Queen Elizabeth's Parisian dolls, tea set and childhood outfits used by Britain's royal family, will soon be on display in the "Royal Childhood" exhibit as part of the Summer Opening of the Buckingham Palace in London from July 26 to September 28.

The royal family's collection of more than 100 childhood toys to outfits to gifts will be showcased for the past 250 years. Reports said some of the belongings have not even been seen yet, and will go on display for the very first time.

Anna Reynolds from the Royal Collection Trust was chosen as the curator for the "Royal Childhood" exhibit. She is the author of a book titled, "In Fine Style: the Art of Tudor and Stuart Fashion," which is available on the Amazon hardcover.

The "In Fine Style" book by Reynolds is about the value of clothing seen in many paintings that are usually ignored by the public. Reynolds' book "offers a fascinating account of the elite fashions of the day and the ways in which they were recreated in paint."

According to the book's description on Amazon, the book will accompany the royal exhibition at the Buckingham Palace in July.

During a sneak peek of the royal family belongings, Reynolds was seen holding pieces of the Parisian dolls belonging to Queen Elizabeth and her sister Margaret before they appeared for public showcase at the Buckingham Palace Royal Childhood exhibit. Aside from dolls, there were also the Knockemdown Ninepins, a pink rabbit-shaped tea set, a pair of velvet shoes, a doll house, jigsaws, train sets and more.

The Royal Collection Trust said aside from the personal belongings of the royal family, objects from the Royal Collection and the Royal Archives will also take part of the special exhibit during the summer opening. Photographs dated years ago and film footages will also be available for viewing.

Tickets are available at the Royal Collection Web site for anyone interested to view the royal collection.


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