Australian actor, host and singer Rob Mills recently chatted with Em Rusciano on her “Deeply Shallow” podcast. He spoke a lot about his affair with billionaire hotel heiress Paris Hilton and his sexuality. He admitted he has “pashed a few blokes” and is “a little bit gay.” However, he does not consider himself bisexual and attributed his behaviour, including “kissing men,” as part of his sexual fluidity.

“I've never denied any rumours or innuendo … [like] pashing a few blokes,” Mills said in Rusciano's "Deeply Shallow" podcast.

Mills, who is playing Sam in the stage version of the 1990 film “Ghost,” starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore, also spoke about his introduction to drugs after his success on “Australian Idol.”

“I am saying on the record as a 33-year-old guy, I am completely against recreational drugs, but cocaine is a hell of a drug,” Mills said on the podcast.

He added that he was 21 years old when he first travelled out of Melbourne. Hence, the attraction for drugs was high. He considers himself a “yes” person and has done all kinds of drugs.

Mills is currently dating actress Ellen Simpson. However, his unlikely affair with Hilton in 2003 is still of interest to many. The singer reportedly ended up spending time with Hilton in a hotel room after a small party at Osher Günsberg’s house following the "Australian Idol" finale.

The two spent a day at the Melbourne Cup as well as the next two weeks. Then, Hilton left Australia. The two reunited a year later but soon ended their relationship because Mills did not find her that interesting.

However, he did say that the two did not have sex on the first night they were together. He also rated Hilton’s genital as a “top five.”

Prior to Günsberg 's party, Mills and Hilton had first met at the Opera House where Mills offered to buy Hilton a drink in a free bar. He even tried some coke that night. Mills was also there with Hilton in 2004 when the latter’s sex tape with ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon “1 Night in Paris,” was leaked. Mills and Hilton watched it together.

Mills thanked Em Rusciano for the chat.

It's been waaaay too long. @emrusciano thanks for the chats.

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