'Revenge' Season 4 Episode 22 Recap: Victoria Grayson Is Alive But Emily Still In Jail

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Emily Van Camp
IN PHOTO: Actress Emily VanCamp, of the drama series "Revenge," arrives at the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles September 23, 2012. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

In the penultimate episode of ABC’s drama series “Revenge,” protagonist Emily Thorne still finds herself in jail. She knows she’s been framed for the death of her nemesis Victoria Grayson but she doesn’t have proof. In episode 22, she and her friends try to find a way to learn the truth and clear her name but someone close to them ends up paying with his life.

Emily looks for Mason Treadwell

Now that Emily is in jail, she needs to rely on her friends to gather some evidence that can clear her name. Nolan manages to find a photo of Mason Treadwell while he’s being driven to a hideout.  Emily refuses to enter a plea deal because she’s still determined to clear her name completely. She posts bail and is kept under house arrest.

Nolan finds a way to re-program Emily’s ankle monitor so that she can look for Treadwell. When she locates his hideout, he’s already left but she learns from the neighbours that he had a lady companion that matches Victoria’s description.

Unfortunately for Emily, Ben has become suspicious and finds out that she has gone out of the house. She gets arrested again and lands in back in jail. Despite the setback, she’s now convinced that Victoria is alive.

Margaux gets cornered

After confronting Margaux, Jack finds out that it was Margaux’s car that Treadwell was using to get around. Jack and Nolan set up Margaux to get arrested on a shoplifting incident and she ends up in a cell next to Emily’s. Emily threatens her with bodily harm and she is forced to confess her part in Victoria’s plan. Now that Emily knows the truth, she only needs evidence to convince the police.

Emily tells Ben that Victoria made an intricate plan to frame her. She says that Victoria used an unclaimed body and altered the dental records in order to make it look like herself.  She also tells Ben how Victoria planted all the evidence against her but he refuses to listen to anything that Emily says.

Louise unlocks the evidence

While Margaux is busy using her media company to defame Emily, Louise is busy mourning Victoria. She begs Charlotte to let her back into Victoria’s apartment so that she can find solace in Victoria’s belongings. Charlotte lets her in and she finds Nolan lurking around.

Nolan tells her that he’s looking for evidence to prove Emily’s innocence and Louise kicks him out. However, Nolan is able to plant a seed of doubt in her mind.  When Louise finds a black hoodie hidden among Victoria’s things, she starts to think about the attack on Victoria where the perpetrator was wearing the same hoodie.  Nolan’s words get to her and she starts to consider the conspiracy theory. Confused, she ends up bringing the evidence to Ben.

Ben pays the price

After Louise gives Ben the hoodie which looks exactly like the one from the attack on Victoria several weeks ago, Ben starts to wonder if Emily is telling the truth. He starts to investigate the things she said. He sees that the body that Emily says Victoria used to pass off as her own is indeed missing from the morgue. He digs even deeper and goes to Victoria’s apartment. He is shocked to come face to face with Victoria herself. Unfortunately, someone stabs him from behind before he can do anything about his new discoveries. After Margaux found out that Louise came to Ben with sme evidence to expose the conspiracy, it appears that she ordered a hit on him before he can do anything. 

Life goes on hold

Jack finally gets a chance to talk to Emily in private and she admits that she went after him when he left for California. She tells him that she just missed his flight at the airport and she wanted to tell him that she finally wants to be with him. Unfortunately, before everything could get sorted, Emily got caught up in the murder investigation. They both know that they can’t have a life together until the whole ordeal is over and Emily’s name is cleared.

Meanwhile, Emily is heartbroken to learn that her father’s cancer has spread to his brain. What he initially thought was an early and treatable case of Lymphoma appears to be more serious. She urges him to fight and they both feel devastated that they are being kept apart in the last few months that David has to live.

Season 4 of “Revenge” ends next week and the season finale will also be the series finale. ABC has confirmed that the series won’t be returning for a 5th season. “Revenge” airs next Sunday at 10 pm on ABC.

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