Cannabis Shop
Employees at Shango Cannabis shop sell legal recreational marijuana beginning at midnight in Portland, Oregon October 1, 2015. Reuters/Steve Dipaola

The cannabis industry in the United States is just budding, but judging by the products being sold on the market, it no longer has that nascent market appeal. Many manufacturers choose to market their products like other mass-produced items at the grocery shops — pre-rolled, mixed in pastries, and come in fancy packaging — to a point that the natural weed is now hard to find on the streets of, say, San Francisco, a city beleaguered by the sudden absence of real cannabis in its constraints.

In an article published by Quartz , Alice Truong recounted how the swift changes in California’s marijuana industry paved the way for the absence of natural weed on the local market: "So it seems only natural that consumers — “patients” — are getting pickier about where their weed comes from too, worrying about pesticide use and the plant’s environmental footprint."

Scenarios like this are what worries David Toomey, founder of Med-X, a Nevada-based firm focused on producing high-quality and safe marijuana products to consumers. Nonetheless, Toomey seems to understand the current state of the emerging industry as legalities, which varies according to state, continue to confound cultivators and manufacturers.

"But what happens after cannabis has been legalized? When the federal government does finally take the step to legalize cannabis, there will be a void created as states scramble to handle the quickly budding market. Which is what’s happening now," the company stated in a press release.

Med-X’s main goal is to change people’s perspective on the industry. Toomey wants a new image for the weed market, a real image that most people ignore simply because they don’t understand its benefits in society, especially in the health and medicine segment.

"Mostly, when people think of the cannabis industry, they see farmers in the mountains of California protecting their crops with guns, or the lonely drug dealers that haunt apartment complexes slinging something from Mexico; there's a real disconnect between what the cannabis industry was and what it will be. By tackling the cannabis industry from a centralized standpoint, we can control each link in the cannabis supply chain, positively altering the entire industry," he said.

Through his company, Toomey educates the public, regardless if they are marijuana opponents or users. But he doesn’t act as the omnipotent purveyor of the industry. He and his team continuously do research and studies on marijuana’s still-undiscovered benefits and still-untapped market potential. He believes that to keep abreast of the new findings on marijuana across the globe and to be able to contribute to this growing enterprise, he needs to be in the forefront of research.

In fact, by the third quarter of this year, 2016, the company will be releasing a new all-natural insecticidal soil that can help produce a high-quality natural product. “This product basically protect the roots of the plant from pests, but they aren’t just simple pesticides. They are built on environment-safe principles developed specifically to satisfy each step of cannabis cultivation.”

Now, the company wants to open itself to the public. Through a crowdsourcing initiative , Med-X will up its game on advocating its unique brand of marijuana cultivation.

"Equity crowdfunding through StartEngine allows us to build knowledge of our company and our initiative, raise capital to serve our consumers, and offer exciting, potentially life-changing investments to our biggest supporters. Though we have only been campaigning for a short period of time, we've already received in excess of $1 Million in indicated interest to invest from over 600 individuals,” said CEO David Toomey.

This funding will not only allow the company to expand its reach and capability to conduct more research on the unknown potentials of marijuana, but will also enhance its information dissemination and education campaign.

The company is continuously updating the public on the updates on the marijuana community, as well as on research and development, on The Marijuana Times , Med-X’s media division.