Rainbow Six Siege
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Recent datamine revealed what could be the names of two “Rainbow Six Siege” operators that will be included in the Hong Kong expansion. According to the data, the two playable characters will be named Caltrop and Dazzer. Their names were discovered after dataminers leaked a few gadgets and weapons in the upcoming Year Two version of the game.

The Hong Kong expansion will be considered the start of Season Two in the game. Dataminers confirmed that Caltrop and Dazzler are indeed human since they have eyes, mouths, torsos and legs. This led to the conclusion that they will not be concussion mines but two new operators for Year Two.

Some of the new weapons and gadgets discovered will be unique to both Caltrop and Dazzler. Users at Reddit made different speculations as to the possible abilities of these upcoming operators. According to MrLotionHands, Dazzler will be able to “dazzle” people with a dance ability.

It is possible that Dazzler will have the ability to distract enemies with different forms of flashbangs. Meanwhile, Caltrop might be able to drop different traps to damage enemies when they step on them. Their names mostly indicate the abilities they have so players get a glimpse of how they will be played.

The Hong Kong expansion will be released worldwide in May 2017, thus starting the game's Season Two. So far, dataminers have uncovered several names of new guns, gadgets and other features for next season. According to Reddit, here are the notable upcoming contents of Year Two:

  • QBZ 95 assault rifle
  • Concussion mine
  • Valkyrie, Smoke, and Glaz Pro League set
  • Capitao Elite skin
  • Kryptek Mandrake camo for Jäger, Smoke
  • Tachanka headgear
  • Mute reptile bundle
  • JS9 sub-machine gun

All of the discovered names by dataminers came from names from recent game files. Ubisoft has yet to confirm or deny any of the leaked details. However, the list of the upcoming contents for Season Two is not final as dataminers still keep on discovering more within the game files.

Most players from Reddit are still not satisfied with the details, though. Ubisoft is expected to release more about “Rainbow Six Siege” Year Two soon, since it is already mid-way April.