Rainbow Six Siege leaks
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After Ubisoft had updated the Technical Test Servers, players discovered several "Rainbow Six Siege" leaks within the game. They found out details about the next map that developers might add into the game's second season.

The leak did not take long to find after the Technical Test 2 went live. According to Reddit user Major_Blackbird, by simply going over at the matchmaking preferences menu, players will see that there is a new map called Theme Park in the game.

Just beneath the Coastline map, players can toggle Theme Park on and off but nothing will happen. Although the map is clickable, players will not be able to open the map since the second season of the game still has not started yet.

Since Ubisoft already confirmed that the game's season two will take place in Hong Kong, players had speculated that the Theme Park could be based on the famous Ocean Park located there.

Ubisoft previously added a World Park map in its previous "Rainbow Six" games and in one of the in-game novels. The World Park map it included featured the one located in Spain so it is most likely that the Theme Park map in Hong Kong will push through.

However, since the Hong Kong Ocean Park is enormous, Ubisoft might only include one side of it. It is most likely that it would use the second island since it has better terrain that is perfect for exchanging fires.

If Ubisoft plans on extending the Theme Park map further, it might consider using its main entrance since near the area is the Hong Kong Police College. The building can be a perfect spawn point for the players.

'Rainbow Six Siege' speculations on Theme Park map

Players think that Ubisoft might include clowns within the leaked Theme Park map in the game. Developers might add clown hostages that the players have to save and escort to safety from the opposing team.

Ubisoft can add a unique effect where the clown's shoes would squeak while being escorted. Although funny, it can bring out a new mechanic in the game where the other side can locate the hostage through the squeaky noise.

There is also the possibility of having a new operator with theme park-based weapons. Aside from these, Ubisoft can also add a headgear, weapons and operator outfits that will be based on the leaked map. Developers will update "Rainbow Six Siege" Season Two next month where players can get more information about the Theme Park map.