Priyanka Chopra
Actress Priyanka Chopra of "Quantico" poses backstage with her award for Favorite Actress in a New TV Series during the People's Choice Awards 2016 in Los Angeles, California January 6, 2016. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

“Quantico” Season 2 will be “slower” than the first season, showrunner Josh Safran said in a recent interview. Safran also promised “a surprising twist” in the premiere episode of the next season.

In an interview with TV Guide, Safran explained that the next season will be “slower” because of the nature of Alex’s (Priyanka Chopra) job in the CIA. He also pointed out that the plot of the first season made the protagonist mostly focus on evading capture. However, now she will not be on the run anymore.

The main plot of the first season revolved around a terrorist attack in the US and Alex being the prime suspect. Alex is a new FBI recruit and the TV series also focused on her evolving relationships with her fellow recruits, many of whom also had some secrets they were hiding.

The main terrorist was finally revealed in the first season, and now Alex can begin a new chapter in her life in “Quantico” Season 2.

"I think, if anything, we'd get to spend more time with the characters and relationships, and tackle them that way. And we'll see how her new role [in the CIA] affects them," the showrunner said.

There will be “a surprising twist” in the premiere episode of the next season, Safran told TV Line. The twist is related to Alex’s job at the CIA. The showrunner explained that while FBI is mostly about honesty, truthfulness and living up to the badge, the CIA is quite opposite.

“You succeed if you can deceive. So it's going to be interesting to see. It's like a funhouse mirror of what we've seen,” Safran said about Alex’s new role.

“Quantico” Season 2 is set to premiere later this year. The producers are yet to release a trailer and plot details of the next season.