ABC thriller “Quantico” Season 1 has gone on a winter break, and the show will return on television screens with its midseason premiere in March 2016. “Quantico” fans will have to wait for three months to watch their favourite show again.

Since the beginning of the show, fans have been wondering who the real terrorist behind the bombing at New York’s Grand Central terminal is. In the midseason finale, they got to know, albeit partly, about the terrorist.

Elias Harper (Rick Cosnett) was revealed to be the bomber in “Quantico” episode 11. He admitted in front of Team Alex that he had done it under orders from a terrorist, not realising that it was actually going to work the way it did. The former agent broke down and said he tried to frame Simon Asher (Tate Ellington) for the bombing, TV Line reports. Elias then comitted suicide out of guilt.

However, viewers will have to wait and see if the real terrorist behind the first bombing is Caleb Haas (Graham Rogers), who was featured in the last scene of episode 11 being referred to as Mark Raymond, which seemed to be his alias.

[Spoilers ahead]

Meanwhile, on Dec. 13, ABC released a promo of episode 12 of “Quantico.” It can be recalled that in the midseason finale, a third bomb detonated underneath the bank that had been converted into the FBI’s command centre near Grand Central. It was not revealed whether anyone was inside the centre at that time.

In episode 12, viewers will get to know who died when the bomb went off. “People we care about are in jeopardy and they don’t all survive,” teased Josh Safran, the showrunner of “Quantico.” It is evident that the character who dies in the bombing near the bank site is important to the show, TV Guide reports.

Some questions will also be answered when “Quantico” returns on March 6 after its winter break, Entertainment Weekly reports.

In the flashback episode, Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra) and Liam O’Connor (Josh Hopkins) were seen driving away in a car after attending the New Year's Eve party at the Haas mansion. What happened between Liam and Alex will be revealed in episode 12.

Meanwhile, Ryan Booth (Jake McLaughlin) will be seen with his ex-wife Hannah Wyland (Eliza Coupe).

Shelby Wyatt’s (Johanna Braddy) past will also come to the fore in the midseason premiere of “Quantico.” For a long time, she was being duped into sending money to her supposed half-sister in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, Miranda Shaw’s (Aunjanue Ellis) son Charlie was discovered by the former outside her house in the previous episode. The boy who was found bruised and battered will ultimately reveal his side of the story when the show returns.

“Quantico” episode 12 premieres next year, March 6, on ABC.

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