Promise Phan: The YouTube Guru Who Could Look Like Anyone With Just Enough Makeup [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

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Another YouTube sensation by the name of Promise Phan has gained millions of views thanks to her superb skills to transform herself into some of the worlds most popular celebrities and characters.

Promise who goes by the username "dope2111" can look like Nicki Minaj, Princess Jasmine and even Drake with just few clever tricks, wild imagination and makeup. The Nepalese video blogger posted several videos on her channel which shows her makeup transformations including Angelina Jolie, Adriana Lima, Kate Middleton and a lot more.

While Promise says that she is not a professional makeup artist, she admits that she is purely self-taught. Just like another famous YouTube makeup guru Michelle Phan, who happens to be her sister-in-law, her informative makeup tutorials has made her one of the most successful personalities in YouTube.

Since she first logged in on June 2009, Promise has gained over 585,000 subscribers and has more than 96 million views. Promise's transformation video ideas are sometimes requested by her fans.

In her most recent video last week, she displayed her uncanny creativity as she transforms herself into Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa. The first footage shows a make up free Promise and within a few minutes, she was totally unrecognizable as she posed behind a golden frame.

See more of the YouTube chameleon as she transforms herself into some of the most famous and iconic figures. Watch her recent Mona Lisa transformation below.

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