Project Scorpio Specs
The technology that makes Project Scorpio the most powerful console ever

Weeks after Microsoft revealed the specs of its upcoming Project Scorpio, a leak about its price surfaced online. Although Microsoft might officially announce the Project Scorpio price on E3 2017 this June, a Spanish retailer may have revealed it ahead of schedule.

Xtralife, the Spanish retailer site that posted the price of Microsoft’s upcoming console, managed to take down the said post. However, it did not stop people from taking screenshots. User @DesiXBL from Twitter was one of the users who spotted the image and shared it on social media.

According to the image, Project Scorpio will cost €399.99 / US$429 / AU$569. The price listing came as a shock for analysts, since previous speculations indicated that the console might cost at least €466 / US$500 / AU$664.

The predicted price range of the Scorpio was deemed reasonable due to its high-end specs capable of 4K resolution gaming. Even so, what Xtralife had posted was a temporary placeholder for the console. Since Microsoft still has not made it official, its price remains a mystery to everyone.

Although Sony’s PlayStation 4 managed to beat Microsoft’s Xbox One in terms of sales, the Scorpio can still turn things around because of the noticeable difference in specs. If third-party developers already have their eyes on Microsoft’s Scorpio, it could mean good business for the company.

Project Scorpio: ‘Most powerful console ever’

Third-party developers could potentially make high-end games for consoles, but current specs cannot handle the stress these might bring. However, with Scorpio’s added horsepower, developers can make the best versions of their titles in the future. According to the Xbox official site, the official specs of the console are:

  • CPU: Eight-core 2.3GHz processor
  • GPU: 40 compute units at 1172MHz
  • RAM: 12GB GDDR5 (shared between system and GPU)
  • Bandwidth: 326GB/s
  • Storage: 1TB hard disk
  • Disc: UHD Blu-ray player

Microsoft dubs the Scorpio as the most powerful console ever with its 6 Teraflops graphics processor capable of 4K gaming and Xbox One backwards compatibility. The upcoming console will still allow games from Xbox One to be played. It will also include future games that Microsoft might bring into the program.

Microsoft has not yet made any announcement on the titles that will arrive on Project Scorpio. However, it did indicate that the console will launch, possibly worldwide, in Holiday 2017.