Prison Break
The Season 5, Episode 6, “Phaecia” begins with Michael, Lincoln, Whip (Augustus Prew) and Ja (Rick Yune) hiding in yet another abandoned structure. Prison Break Revival/Facebook

In “Prison Break,” Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) always has a plan, no matter how insane the situation is, how unbelievable the moment is and how inexplicable the circumstances are. Michael always has a plan. He is unbeatable, invincible and kill-proof.

Go slow, spoilers ahead!

The Season 5, Episode 6, “Phaecia” is full of such moments, and Michael does not disappoint a single time, so much so, that viewers cannot help but praise his genius, and at the same time question the “unreal” world some of the characters are living in at the moment. Cyclops is on a manhunt, giving a hard time to the brothers. Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) cannot come out his “little brother” mania despite is brother cheating death for the umpteenth time. The show gets its momentum from its villains.

While Cyclops, A&W (Marina Benedict) and Van Gogh (Steve Mouzakis) are pretty intriguing, fans believe they are not in any way as diabolical as T-Bag in the original series, topped up with the devilish characters of vice president Caroline Reynolds, Alexander Mahone and of course, Paul Kellerman. On paper, “Phaecia” could have been a great episode, believes Entertainment Weekly. However, considering the number of times the “good” characters refused to die during the episode despite sure-death situations, it was perhaps a turn-off for many.

Cyclops is crucial to “Resurrection’s” storyline but his character seems underdeveloped. Viewers don’t get the chills from his actions and dialogue-throws. A&W and Van Gogh also do not seem genuinely captivating. The episode begins with Michael, Lincoln, Whip (Augustus Prew) and Ja (Rick Yune) hiding in yet another abandoned structure. Michael takes a break from planning when big brother Lincoln wishes to see Omar, responsible for their passport fiasco. Omar betrays because of the bad guy he is.

Omar is heading to Phaecia and despite his initial reluctance, he is bullied into taking the group to where he was heading. While the group heads off to find a second vehicle (battery dead apparently), Whip stays back to keep an eye on Omar. It’s a trap and the group meets ISIL members thirsty for their blood. Lincoln does a “Fast & Furious” to escape vowing to teach Omar a lesson. They find Whip tied and knocked out. Back in the US, Agent Kishida makes his presence felt. Having killed Kellerman, Kishida is now the new boss.

Meanwhile, Omar apologises but Whip looks the other way. The latter notices fireworks inside the vehicle and frowns. Sheba (Inbar Lavi) is in Jordan and waiting for Lincoln. Is love in the air? The call becomes a death trap again as NSA tracks C-Note’s phone and sends a drone. Van Gogh secretly calls Ramal’s followers and shares location of the two brothers. While Lincoln fills up his gas tank and Ja basks in the desert sun, Michael uses the Internet to video chat with a mysterious person, Blue Hawaii.

Due to poor connectivity, Blue Hawaii’s face is invisible but voice is audible. Michael cannot video chat for long as Ramal’s men make an entry. Michael sends a screenshot of himself and his tattoos. Whip shoots a gas truck and sends the ISIL men flying in bits and pieces. Omar is shot and soon dies afterward. The group is now lost but Cyclops finds them again. He has more gas in his truck to his advantage but the plot to his disadvantage. Michael again comes up with a plan of diverting Cyclops’ attention to him so that the group can escape.

Cyclops starts following Michael but Lincoln and the other men are still lost. A higher power is at play as Ja spots seagulls flying (not his drug talking). This means seaside is nearby and that would be Phaecia. Once they arrive, Sucre (Amaury Nolasco) welcomes them with open arms. Michael tricks Cyclops and comes pouncing on him, driving a screwdriver into the villain’s only remaining good eye. Michael is stabbed too but escapes temporarily. The desert gets the better of him and he plays with death yet again, seeing flashes from the past, sure sign of death.

Lincoln grows impatient and is desperate to go back to find his little brother. But Ja is now the new man with a plan. Soon he starts shooting the fireworks. Michael opens his eyes again hearing the sound of the fireworks. Will he survive?