Prince Harry
Britain Rugby Union - England Training - Twickenham Stadium - 17/2/17 Britain's Prince Harry during training. Reuters/Peter Cziborra

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been at the eye of public scrutiny ever since their relationship was confirmed last year. But despite all the attention, the two have managed to stay away from flashing lights of paparazzi-held cameras.

Last week, the two celebrated their first Valentine’s Day together but decided to keep the day as low-key as possible. “Harry and Meghan are together at Kensington Palace,” a source told Us Magazine. “Tonight, she and Harry are staying in for Valentine’s.”

While the night was likely a sweet one to remember, the source continued to say that Meghan has actually been spending a lot of time at the royal’s residence. “It’s become Meghan’s home away from home,” they said. “All the security know her, [and] she slips in and out whenever she likes.”

The humble Valentine’s Day date might not be what most people expected of the royal and his American actress girlfriend, but the night is likely to have been the change that Meghan wanted this year. In 2015, the actress wrote about her then Valentine’s Day plans on her lifestyle blog, The Tig. She confirmed that she would be spending the day with their friends by “running [amok] through the streets of New York, likely imbibing some cocktail that’s oddly pink and jumping over icy mounds in my new shoes through the salted snowy streets of the West Village.”

The re-post of the entry is a strategic one, as Meghan probably would not -- or could not -- share her actual Valentine’s Day plans this year. Nevertheless, the post did share some words of wisdom from the 35-year-old. “I think you need to cook that beautiful dinner even when it’s just you, wear your favorite outfit, buy yourself some flowers, and celebrate the self-love that often gets muddled when we focus on what we don’t have,” she wrote.

The couple has reportedly been spending a lot of time together, especially during the recent holidays. As such, they have also checked off several other firsts as a romantic pair in addition to their simple Valentine’s Day date. This includes an introduction to the family, as Meghan has met Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte, as well as a private vacation in Norway. Meghan is reportedly thrilled that she has been given the opportunity to meet some of the most important people in Harry’s life.


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